Frequently Asked Questions

Money Orders or Cashier’s Check ONLY for your deposit and 1st month’s rent. Cashier’s checks can obtained at local banks and credit unions. Money Orders are typically sold by third parties such as the united states postal service, grocery stores and convenience stores.

All persons 18 years or older that will be living in the residence. If the property requires co-signers they will also be added to the rental agreement.

Any immediate threat to life or property is considered a maintenance emergency. Fire and smell of Gas, immediately call 911.

It will be accepted in the form of a certified check made payable to ERG Property Management.
To pay your monthly rent you may take advantage of our online portal.

Should Tenant believe any electrical or gas equipment may create a hazard, including gas leaks, or otherwise be unsafe, Tenant shall immediately contact the local utility company to inform them of the potential hazard.

Please submit a maintenance request through your Tenant Portal

It is a policy of ERG property Management and a practice which is common among us to encourage neighbors to talk to each other in order to resolve issues or difficulties. However, in some circumstances neighbors either just don’t like to use these mechanisms or the situation call for the need of law enforcement and a higher authority in order to put a stop to them or punish such felonies.
Besides this, you may also file a formal complaint addressed directly to the management and the bylaw/rule Council of Stern Property Management where it will definitely be reviewed and actions taken to resolve it.

It depends on the type of apartment/unit you are moving into and what is specified within your lease or contract. In the case of ERG Property Management, you are able in some of our units. However, you may face eviction if your pet is too loud, destructive, disturbing and aggressive or is an animal/species considered inherently dangerous.

Former approval from Stern Property Management is required no matter what period or length of time will the sublet take place. The new Tenant(s) will then submit a new application upon being authorized to inhabit the unit and the original Tenant(s) will remain responsible for the payment of the rent. In reassigning, if the new Tenant(s) are approved then besides submitting a new application they will also have to sign a new lease and a new last month’s rent deposit.
In the case of not being able to meet all of the above mentioned, the original Tenant(s) will continue to be held responsible for the apartment/unit.
If done without any prior approval from ERG Property Management, the Tenant(s) and current unauthorized occupant(s) may be subject to eviction under the discretion of the Board/Council.

Leases are generally 12 months long and as stated by law, a payment amount or a fee can only be increased after an agreement has been reached by both parties or after a previous lease has come to an end. We review all leases prior to there yearly anniversary term, if we decide to give a rent increase you will be notified in writing.

Prior to moving, you must provide Stern Property Management with a 30 day written notice.

Please call your local area utility companies, we can supply you those numbers if you need assistance based on your area.

During business hours, if Tenant chooses to request ERG’s assistance and if Utopia has a copy or replacement Keys, ERG will require that Tenant pay Utopia $15 for each key requested in advance for the cost of obtaining new keys. If locked out after hours, please call a locksmith at your expense.

Tenant agrees not to make alterations to the Property without Landlords prior written consent. Such alterations include without limitation painting, wallpapering, adding security systems or changing locks.

Tenant agrees not to make alterations to the Property without Landlords prior written consent. Such alterations include without limitation; painting, wallpapering, adding security systems or changing locks.

Tenant agrees not to make alterations to the Property without Landlords prior written consent. Such alterations include without limitation painting, wallpapering, adding security systems or changing locks. Tenant and Landlord agree that any unauthorized alterations can constitute damage to the premises and/or any associated personal property and/or appurtenances.

ERG doesn’t provide post move in walk-throughs. If you have questions regarding how something operates, please contact your management team. If the question regards utilities or appliances, please contact your local utility company to request an appointment.

Please contact your local trash utility company.

Most garbage disposals have a reset button or Allen adjustment located under the canister. Try to press this button to reset the garbage disposal before calling for maintenance. An Allen wrench to rotate the blade if something has become lodged is needed to reset others. Please make sure to keep your hands out of the garbage disposal at all times and the breaker is off for the disposal.

GFI outlets are usually placed by sinks, bathtubs, hot tubs, spas, Jacuzzis or water sources in homes that need an electrical outlet within six feet of the source. If the GFI is tripped, you can lose power to a whole room or part of the house. You can reset the GFI to restore power. The GFI outlet has a test button and a reset button. If the outlet is working correctly, you can press the test button and the outlet will be shut down until you press the reset button. The test button should be tested monthly to insure it is working correctly. The outlet should be tested monthly to ensure proper operation.

If Tenant fails to maintain the Property in a clean and decent manner or causes an infestation of pests, Tenant is responsible for eradication of such pests, bugs, etc. (i.e. ants, fleas, roaches, rodents).

Please call us and submit a valid email address. We will be happy to send you a Tenant Portal activation link.

Yes, set one up through your bank to be auto paid to your account and the balance paid manually either online, mailed or dropped off on or by the first of the month. If payment is not received in full and on time, Tenant(s) are subject to 7% late fee on the whole amount of rent.

Good funds in the amount of the Rent shall be delivered to Utopia on or before the first (1st) day of each month with the options of autopay set up through your tenant portal, mailed check to ERG Property Management, 7-11 pay program, credit card (additional fee) or drop box located at corporate office. . Tenant shall therefore pay Landlord as Additional Rent, the sum of SEVEN PERCENT (7%) of the current monthly rental rate for each Late Payment.

No, but you can pay via credit card using the online Tenant Portal for an additional fee.

No pet shall be kept on or about the Property without Landlords prior written consent in the form of a Pet Agreement Addendum, which upon execution by Tenant and Landlord, is incorporated herein by this reference.

Your spouse’s orders apply to you and any additional dependents that occupy the property. The terms of the Lease will take place as outlined in the Serviceman’s Civil Relief Act.

This is property specific and requested by the Property Manager for Owners approval.

Tenants need to acquire renter insurance to cover many liabilities that they are exposed to. Renters are responsible for everything that happens inside their rental unit or on their rented property. Here are some examples of why you should have renters insurance. A flood destroys all your personal property. A neighbor throws a ball through your window. A criminal steals your personal belongings. A fire burns down your unit. A friend hurts themselves in your property and sues you. For additional questions, please email or call us.

Please refer to this section in your lease.

Landlord shall, no later than 21 calendar days after the Tenant has vacated the Property, furnish the Tenant with an itemized written statement of the basis for, and the amount of, any Security Deposit received and disposition of the Security Deposit, and shall return any remaining portion of the security to the Tenant.

Tenant agrees to return possession of the Property to Landlord upon termination of the tenancy in the same condition as received, normal wear and tear accepted. Professional cleaning is required to return the property to the same level of cleanliness when tenant took possession of the property. Tenant agreed per lease section #1.8, Landlord may charge against the Security Deposit to reimburse Landlord for costs associated with processing a new tenant for the advance payment of Rent, to compensate Landlord for any and all Tenant’s default in the payment of Rent or Additional Rent, to repair damages to the Property as of the Commencement Date.

To exercise Owners Option, Owner must deliver written notice to Tenant of exercising Owners Option with a conformed copy of the fully executed Listing Agreement at least thirty (30) days prior to the eventual termination date.

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